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We want to help global physical product teams make better decisions, build great products and do great work.

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Our mission

We’re here to serve the next trailblazers of retail

We’re here to serve the next generation of business.
Innovative companies are leading the way in how business gets done. Retail stores are online brands first and companies are striving to automate workflows and organize their teams in an interconnected world. How do they do that? Enter Lanor.

Lanor was started in 2021 by Onanma Okeke and Abiola Doherty. They both come from a background  in retail and technology. We started Lanor with a belief that unlocking effective communication, team alignment, streamlined processes is the secret ingredient to making great products.

So we’re building a first-of-its-kind solution to integrate retail and financial services as well as software they’ll need along the way. While they build the future, we’ll be building everything they need to launch confidently, scale smarter, and realize their full potential.

Why brands love Lanor

"Being able to group my products under particular deliverables is so helpful."
“I really like the Kanban feature and it being product focused."
"I can keep my whole team on track and have everyone working at their top levels."
"Lanor will help eliminate a lot of the double work. This is the new way of doing things in retail!"